Health Shack's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Christmas

Looking at nutrition in keeping your holidays healthy, we are going create an island of clarity in a sea of confusion around what is truly healthy nutrition and how food supports your ability to thrive rather than just to survive. We’re going to start with how to do this SIMPLY with easy steps and a new perspective in understanding your health and food, with a drive so strong, you become one of those people who enjoy eating nutritiously and look to food for nourishment, as well as part of socialising and appreciating the experience.  

The first thing you need is a goal in regards to your health. There's no point heading into Christmas without knowing how to make the most of it. If your goal throughout Christmas is to enjoy the food, get merry and not worry too much, that's fine but if your goal is to enjoy the celebrations of Christmas, by feeling great around family and friends, relaxing after a busy year and taking the time to rejuvinate you'll want to ensure your clear about how you're going to achieve that and not undo all your amazing hard work. 

We first want a goal that is compelling and exciting to achieve. Coming from a place of deprivation for Christmas, isn't fun for anyone! Deciding that instead of having a goal to lose 2 kilos or to not drink or to have no sugar, which is not very compelling, what if your vision was to feel vibrant and energetic every day.  Decide instead, that 'I’m going to find a strategy where I'm going to reframe myself, where I'm going to feel younger, stronger, more vibrant and enjoy Christmas from a place of energetic health.'  Here's my reasons; because I want the energy to enjoy the festive season, I want to enjoy life and look forward to things. I want to be stronger and healthier than I've ever been before.  I want to live without pain. I want go in front of the mirror and be proud of myself what I see there. That’s your drive in making healthy nutrition a lifestyle and not a restrictive diet, which HEALTHY nutrition never is. 

So now we have our goals and the driving factor of why behind those goals, now we’re going to dive into the how to staying healthy over Christmas and all year long...

My purpose is to give insight into a new paradigm for health this Christmas and carry it throughout the whole year. To look at health in a new way and understand how to maintain this for life through nutritious lifestyle changes creating purity and sufficiency so your cells can function optimally and give you the health you're designed for. 

So what are some actionable things you can do to ensure your cells get what they need over the holidays?

  1. DRINK at least 2.5L of water per day and more if you’re consuming food, which is not ideal and contains toxicities (which much of the Christmas treats do) and especially if you’re drinking alcohol. 500ml should be consumed first thing every morning before ANYTHING else is consumed. It’s like a kickstart for your body.
  2. SUBSTITUTE with healthier options and versions of the foods you like having over Christmas. My whole foundation with holistic nutrition is healthy substitutions not ever about restriction or deprivation. It’s all about finding healthy substitutes and healthy versions of the recipes. I have not had a client bring me a meal they love, that I cannot recreate in a healthier more nutritious way. A perfect example is the healthy Twix slice, all healthy ingredients- gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free, soy free, preservative, additive free and no artificial anything. I also have recipes for some Christmas favourites created healthier and just as, if not more delicious! 
  3. MINDFUL EATING- be present when your eating. Enjoy your food and the experience. So often throughout Christmas it’s so common to pick mindlessly and end up eating much more and don’t even enjoy it! When eating anything, take the time to appreciate the experience and this also creates a satisfying, healthy and enjoyable relationship with food. It is a skill that can help people break free from 'food rules' and begin to enjoy healthy, flexible and relaxed eating practices, that puts you in tune with your body. 
  4. CHOOSE only to have a treat with foods you actually like and enjoy! So often we just go with the motions that is Christmas eating, that we end up consuming toxic food that we’re not overly excited about anyway- fruit cake I’m talking about you! 
  5. USE IT AS AN EXPERIMENT when consuming these non nutritious foods. Look at how you feel after. Bloating, headache, brain fog, fatigue, pain…. this is your body whispering. Relate that food directly with those symptoms- as it is literally your body and your cells talking to you about how it responds to that food. 
  6. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES if you’re going to eat something that contains any toxins or substances which you know your body struggles to deal with, digestive enzymes will help move it through your system and limit the inflammation and effects caused. Take the digestive enzymes just before or with the food. PROBIOTICS after you’ve consumed toxic foods. These foods kill a lot of healthy bacteria in your gut so you want to ensure you repopulate with more healthy bacteria to ensure they can keep functioning optimally. 
  7. EAT NUTRITIOUS FOOD EVERY TIME YOU EAT- if you’re going to indulge over Christmas at least give your body and cells some nutritional sustenance from healthy fruit or vegetables every time you eat. It doesn’t matter if you’re having pavlova or Christmas pudding with custard, ensure you give your body something it can use to function by eating fruit or vegetables first. You will eat less of the indulgent food and your body will be able to process it and function better with some nutritious fuel. 
  8. MOVE- Exercise, move and stretch the cell- facilitate nutrients being delivered and utilised by your cells and help remove toxins through exercise. if you’re not moving you’re dying. We’re designed to move. The absolute best exercise you can ever do….. is exercise you will do! So make it fun and enjoyable for at least 45minutes, every day, non negotiable. 
  9. DELIVER THE GROCERIES- think of the nutritional requirements of each cell as a grocery list, which you have to deliver each day. Each mouthful is either taking you towards disease or towards health, choose wisely. If you’re hungry or feeling any symptoms from your body ask one question… what do my cells need?
  10. PURPOSE- This is where we look again and know the big WHY behind implementing these steps to not only Christmas but every day life. This is the driving factor and the critical key to maintaining health and creating a holistically healthy lifestyle that is an absolute MUST for you. Not a I should do this but I MUST do this. 

    Wishing everyone the happiest and healthiest Christmas, with a brilliant energetic start for the new year!

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About the Author:
Sarah Coote
Sarah's vision and purpose is to give people access to a clear understanding of true nutrition for thriving health. She believes every person holds within them power to change anything and has a passion to inspire and give insight into the ingredients needed for thriving health and creating empowered, extraordinary lives through delicious and nourishing nutrition. . Sarah has done the extensive hands on experience to gain sound understanding of the nutrition she lives and breathes. And this coupled with consistently staying up to date with the latest, reputable scientific research, based on epigenetics and evolutionary biology, she has created the distinctive Nutrition program, allowing individuals to enjoy effortless weight loss, boundless energy and vibrant health.

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