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I love watching our clients transform as they overcome significant health challenges in their life. I have always felt that our own individual health and the health of our families and friends is the most precious thing that we have, to be involved in nurturing that day in and day out is something that I really enjoy.
— Dr Jarrad Coote Owner/ Chiropractor

Dr Jarrad Coote
Owner | Chiropractor

Health Shack Rockingham was created out of a desire to inspire and guide others along a path to creating great health in their lives. Owner and chiropractor Dr Jarrad Coote, formed Health Shack with a true health care philosophy at its foundation. Inspiring the collection of outstanding and complimentary health care professionals to come together and deliver a cutting edge health care service. A large part of Dr Jarrad's vision for health shack was to let go of the cold clinical environment and create an environment that is warm, fun and vibrant; a place where a health care community could thrive. Always up for a laugh and an avid kitesurfer, Dr Jarrad holds a genuine love for adventures in nature with his family. 

His commitment to bring all types of professionals together from different walks of life, to achieve a true health care solution is something that he is passionate about as he knows that a great team could achieve so much more than what he could alone. 

He is inspired by seeing Health Shack's clients experience breakthroughs in their health, enjoying the smiles, laughs and the great times the Health Shack team share in.

My vision is to empower a legacy of health, happiness and wellbeing for our children and generations to come. I am so excited by our human potential and how much a healthy functioning spine and nervous system compliments and enhances this potential. From pregnancy to birth and beyond, it is always an honour when someone chooses me to be their chiropractor.
— Dr Leanne Blencowe

Dr Leanne Blencowe

Life has curiously and sometimes forcibly, led Leanne in the direction and search for optimum health and well being from a young age. From a long history of health projects to a disc injury at the age of 19 years of age when she was competing at the National Calisthenics Championships, Chiropractic has been powerful vehicle for healing in her body. 

Leanne is a passionate advocate for paediatric, maternal and family chiropractic, having completed her post graduate studies in Clinical Chiropractic Paediatrics in 2011, whilst she was pregnant with her first child. During this year Leanne also travelled to India as a clinician with the Murdoch Chiropractic Students to provide chiropractic care to the communities of Siliguri. Chiropractic’s message is simple and one that is relevant to all walks of life.

A blessed mother to two beautiful little boys – Oliver and Jasper and wife to her soul mate Robbie, Leanne loves spending time with her family, creating wholesome, healing, loving meals and nurturing her creative flair. Being surrounded by three adventurous, action packed boys also means that life is always full of play, adventures, nature and fun. There is nothing more joyful then being able to share your life’s purpose with you family and chiropractic is that and more. 

I firmly and passionately believe in our body’s innate ability to heal on its own and in its own time. Being there to assist in this process and watch it unfold, is exactly what inspires me in my work and is why I love chiropractic.
— Dr Harry Brown

Dr Harry Brown

Inspired by a curiosity to better understand the intricate human body and a goal to support as many people as possible to get out there and do what they love, without hesitation or limitations, Dr Harry believes movement is medicine.

Dr Harry has sound Chiropractic experience, after working all over Australia; from Port Hedland to Melbourne, and internationally in India, Botswana and the UK. After his worldwide, adventurous travels, he found his home at Health Shack, aligning with the multimodality approaches and natural paradigm of health care we hold.

Dr Harry has always been movement mad, and athletes and sporting performance have been a driving area of passion. He has worked with elite football clubs and reputable sporting events, assisting leading Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and GP’s with appropriate management of injuries and improvement in function. As well as assisting athletes with recovery and performance, he loves seeing people from all walks of life including families and children.

Dr Harry always beams a happy, welcoming smile, and his enthusiasm for health emanates in and out of Health Shack, above and below the water! A respected swimming coach for Southside Penrhos Wesley Swimming Club, he loves the water; surfing, swimming and is always up for adventure. Dr Harry says, by far the most rewarding and satisfying achievements have been committing to travel to under serviced and under privileged communities in India and Botswana. “It is humbling and eye opening, showing clearly the importance of accessible health care, we’re so privileged to have in Australia.” He is passionately dedicated to providing effective health care and supporting all Health Shack’s clients to optimal function, allowing them to live the health they’re innately designed for.

My vision and purpose is to give people access to a clear understanding of true nutrition for thriving health. I believe every person holds within them power to change anything and I have a passion to inspire and give insight into the ingredients needed for thriving health and creating empowered, extraordinary lives through delicious and nourishing nutrition.
— Sarah Coote, Nutritionist

Sarah Coote

Sarah's passion for good nutrition and thriving health has been an adventurous journey; from swimming with wild dolphins, filming wildlife documentaries and creating a successful award winning business to enduring intense workout regimes, suffering a debilitating back injury, to then experiencing thriving health through holistic nutrition. Experimenting with vegetarianism, zone diets, shake meal replacements, low fat eating, juice fasts, ketogenic diets, paleo nutrition and now vibrant health, Sarah has done the hands on experience to gain sound understanding of the nutrition she lives and breathes. A successful, award winning businesswoman and NLP Practitioner, Sarah brings a unique, surprisingly simple, down-to earth approach, inspiring and encouraging individuals to get back to the bare necessities of delicious nourishing food. Drawing from her nutrition education, valuable NLP techniques and quality experience to help others enjoy nutritious living and thriving health, Sarah inspires healthy choices and creates positive change. She makes healthy food absolutely delicious! Sarah has personally written Health Shack's Nutrition Programs and has designed them with YOU in mind. They are based on her desire to help, inspire and guide clients into making the healthiest choices in life and explore their full potential; to feel great inside and out. An outgoing and passionate nutritionist, who values excellence, Sarah enjoys balancing her passions in life of kitesurfing, paddle boarding, photography, her beautiful family, business, outdoor adventures and nutritious living to create a wholesome balanced lifestyle filled with adventure.

I am truly passionate about how massage can really help the body heal, relax and function properly. I love understanding the incredible body and how each muscle interconnects to allow the human body to function as it’s designed to.
— Simon Lythgoe, Massage Therapist

Simon Lythgoe
Massage Therapist

Simon holds a passion to help people improve their everyday life, from sport and stress relief to aches, pains and relaxation. Ultimately he uses massage to help individuals have the freedom in their body to do exactly what they want in life. 

With a warm, kind and fun presence, along with his contagious smile, Simon is an outstanding therapist and sees remarkable results with his clients. Simon specialises in trigger point release, deep tissue massage and remedial massage, consistently studying massage therapies, techniques and skills to evolve his high level of massage expertise. 

A loving and devoted family man, Simon loves looking after his son William and after many years of working as a highly skilled sushi chef in some of the top restaurants around the world, he shows amazing flair in the kitchen making delicious creations! Simon is a great asset to the Health Shack team, bringing his amazing expertise, natural skills and warm nature, providing clients with an rejuvenating massage experience. 


Making what is unconscious conscious, is my passion. I embrace shadows and fear with courageous honesty and compassion. I then seek to illuminate new pathways for all. Enabling others to transform their lives and thereby create happier relationships, families, teams and communities, is my quest.
— Katie Eden Todd- Archetypal Counselling Therapist
katie rgb.jpg

Katie Eden Todd
Archetypal Counselling Therapist, Author & Public Speaker - B.Mus., B.A. (Psych.), Post Grad. Dip. Psych.

Katie is a highly entertaining and passionate advocate for all to realise their potential.  She has been in private practice for 30 years, but began her professional life as a classical trumpet player. Her quest to fully understand all dimensions of personality has driven her entire life.  Conquering her chronic health issues over decades, changed her life and work exponentially.  

She has lived both Cell Mate and Soul Mate relationships with herself, and others.  This has ignited her passion to enable others to live a Soul Mate life.   

Katie has spent the last 17 years quantitatively researching and refining her understanding of personality.  Based on her original, best-selling archetypal book, "Who Am I?  An Archetypal Quest", Katie has created ten Personas, that are very easily understood and relatable.  It's an accessible, yet profound language that names EXACTLY who we ALL uniquely are. Persona Grata Profiling offers in-depth insights to help unravel our complex, unique Personas and personalities, with personal and dynamic development workshops.  Katie specialises in unveiling the hidden dynamics within ALL forms of relationships and allows you to live the life and create the relationships you truly desire. 


Elena Kenny
Practice Manager

Our amazing Elena has been a part of the Health Shack dream since its inception and has loved watching all efforts unfold into the inspiring hub of energy Health Shack is today. Elena's role is to keep everyone and everything within Health Shack running smoothly; so from our own family and friends, and valued clients to the practitioners themselves, she's the friendly voice on the end of the phone or Skype, motivating innovation, change, growth and excellence. 

When she's not on the phone or laptop, Elena is studying psychology in the hopes of becoming a counsellor and feeding her passion for all things mental and innate. On the weekends you'll see her swimming with her dogs in the sea or having a coffee at her local hangout. 

Elena loves being part of this supportive team of visionaries and chiropractic masters and is an incredible source of loving energy, wisdom and excellence within the team. She exudes warmth and believes every day is new and exciting, and belonging to the Health Shack family is a rewarding adventure. Elena must have the Luck O'The Irish!

My motto in life has always been to smile a lot, be happy, healthy and caring... then nothing can stop you from dancing the night away.
— Julie Francis, Chiropractic Assistant

Julie Francis
Chiropractic Assistant

Vibrant Julie is a married mother of two adult sons and Nana to a beautiful little girl. Julie's journey with the chiropractic industry started nine years ago, when she was working at a local gym. She was inspired by an amazing young woman to become involved in the health and wellness of chiropractic as a chiropractic assistant and wow! She has not looked back.

Having suffered from sciatica pain for many years Julie was amazed everyday with the results she consistently gets from having regular chiropractic care. Chiropractic keeps her working hard at the gym with her friends, who often say in a joking way ''we want what she is having'' with which she replies ''chiropractic care.''

Julie's passion never ends because she watches every day the satisfying and amazing transition of many clients as they gain their true health through regular chiropractic care.