By Elena Kenny

In my community of mothers, where I’m the newest member, growing resilient, confident children is our ultimate goal. I’m privileged to belong to a tribe of health professionals which include chiropractors, Bowen therapists, and nutritionists, and call them my friends. Above all other aspirations, the mothers I know place a huge emphasis on the emotional and mental health of their offspring. In times of challenge and stress, these children will know how to cope and they’ll have the skills to help others cope too. 

We want to help our kind, empathic children spread their wings and achieve their dreams. Well, that’s the idea. Our children, like many are wilful and independent so that’s we just guide the way!

In my quest to provide society with a consciously-aware, self-confident young woman, I’ve taken a few steps to ensure I reach my parenting goals;

  1. We get adjusted. Chiropractic adjustments maximise children’s function by allowing them to grow as they’re designed to. In allowing freedom of expression throughout her whole body, chiropractic also helps my intelligent little girl with her mental clarity. We call it switching on the power supply, like removing a kink from your watering hose, chiropractic adjustments remove interference from your nervous system and everything can flow freely.
  2. We eat well. Our meals and snacks are made up of fresh, wholesome ingredients and almost never from a packet. We keep our recipes simple and include raw vegetables and fruit in every lunchbox because that’s where the ‘alive energy’ is and that’s what we want inside us. My daughter grazes all day long so packing our fridge and pantry with nutritious options is a must for when she helps herself!
  3. We educate. I don’t just feed my daughter healthy food and then stock up on fish and chips myself. We all eat well. I’m open with her about why she shouldn’t have sugary drinks or fairy bread, providing delicious substitutes to help support her gut function – not ruin it. It’s important that she understands why we choose healthy food so that she can make the choice for herself one day. As for treats, we have dark chocolate, homemade raw fudge and blueberries on Friday nights with a movie. Yum!
  4. We use essential oils. Having replaced the chemicals in our house with natural cleaning products and created our own first aid kit to support our immune systems alongside chiropractic and nutrition, we use essential oils to balance our moods and emotions. We have oils for teething, tantrums and aiding sleep. My daughter knows how to roll the oils on her feet to help calm her down and restore peace, and loves her sleepy-time massage. She’s learning that her emotions can be managed and that she’s in control. Another tool for when puberty hits!
  5. We belong to a community. Surrounding ourselves with strong, confident role models who provide support and advice has been invaluable to me and my family. We proudly belong to a community of wellness advocates whose values are instilled in their children and their choices every day. United in our belief-systems, we share successes, challenges, failures and shoulders.

    No parent is perfect. No child is perfect. But, perfection wasn’t the original goal – resilience is. Flawsome is the motto... as mothers we recognise and embrace our 'flaws' and know we're awesome regardless, doing the best job in the world!