By Elena Kenny

How to Kick your reliance on pain medication... and a better alternative

Let’s face it – it’s easy to pop a little pill and forget the pain ever existed! It’s more of an effort to make changes to prevent chronic pain for the future and then even more difficult figuring out how. 

But, it’s worth it! 

My reliance on painkillers was so strong, they were a permanent fixture on my shopping list, in my handbag, and when I travelled. I never questioned my motives; too stuck in a cloud of confusion, pain, and nausea. My daily routine. An endless struggle. And then I met someone who made me question my choices. Who was I helping? What was I gaining? And how long was I going to let this continue?

Once I realized I had been ignoring my body’s cries for help, numbing the signals that something wasn’t right, it was time for change. I started researching. And it was difficult to stop! I learned about the effects long-term medication has on my liver and stomach, my brain and heart. I paid more attention to the labels and the ingredients list and I was absolutely horrified I’d let my reliance last so long!

I made a decision to create a healthy life; to embrace living instead of just surviving. 

So, this was what I did:

I cut out painkillers. I went cold turkey and never bought another packet. Every time pain began creeping into my personal space, I envisioned what those little chalky pills would eventually do to my liver, stomach and brain and I looked at solving the core problem of what my body was telling me, rather than putting a bandaid over my check engine light!

I got adjusted. Chiropractic can help provide immediate relief from pain but I also found sticking to a maintenance schedule helped to keep my body functioning as it should, so my pain stayed away. Prevention is always better than the urgent need for relief and though it was a mindset shift, it has absolutely paid off!

I changed what I was eating. I simply stopped eating processed foods and foods high in sugar. I opted for fresh, simple menu choices. 

I moved! One of the lessons my chiropractor taught me was ‘move it, or lose it’. I practice my range of motion exercises every morning and evening. I also walk twice a day and choose stairs instead of escalators, taking every opportunity to move as I’m designed to and not get stuck into a sedentary life, which can easily creep up on you!

I listen. I listen to my body when it whispers to me. I understand every symptom is my body communicating with me and I trust my gut instincts when making decisions about my health now. I practice mindfulness and deep breathing when I feel anxious and my whole body relaxes. Just tuning in and looking to understand rather than quickly respond with pain killers to shut it up has truly changed my life!

The most important part of kicking my painkiller habit was making a plan and a commitment to myself. Lots of other things contribute to chronic pain like nutrition, vitamin deficiency, past trauma’s – that’s what’s great about finding a holistic source of support like Health Shack, they not only offer one area of expertise but look at all these significant components to health. 

I highly recommend making the change and kicking your reliance on pain medication. Try something long-lasting today that sings the tune of your own body’s rhythms.

Your liver, your body, and your soul will thank you!

About the Author
Elena Kenny

Our amazing Elena has been a part of the Health Shack dream since its inception and has loved watching all efforts unfold into the inspiring hub of energy Health Shack is today. Elena loves being part of this supportive team of visionaries and chiropractic masters at Health Shack and is an incredible source of loving energy, wisdom and excellence within the team. She exudes warmth and believes every day is new and exciting, and belonging to the Health Shack family is a rewarding adventure. Elena must have the Luck O'The Irish!