Chiropractor Rockingham

A chiropractors goal is to systematically restore healthy function to your spine and nerve system in a safe and effective manner. As the spine and nerve system recover all symptoms caused by these problems begin to clear.

Once our clients recover from their initial challenges many choose to continue to strengthen, protect and improve their health and performance with us. An important aspect of care is also empowering you with the skills and knowledge for prevention and ongoing health, so you can take an active role in your recovery. 

Studies show that chiropractic care is safe and effective for spine related management. We offer professional, gentle and effective care.

So if you are interested in restoring your health, clearing pain and regaining great function, take a holist approach with chiropractic. 

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Health Shack's purpose is to create an environment in which health thrives.

Our Rockingham Chiropractors understand the critical role that your spine and nervous system play in coordinating every aspect of your bodies healing and function.

Impacts, injuries, stress and bad habits can cause dysfunction and damage to these critical systems. In fact a large amount of the pain and symptoms that people experience can have its roots traced back to poor spinal health.

The spine plays the critical role of being the central key to your skeletal system.  It also functions as a suit of armor that protects your nervous system.

When the spine is injured or becomes dysfunctional, it generates inflammation which triggers pain and stress signals to be sent throughout the nervous system. Inflammation also begins to accumulate around the delicate nerves which the spine is meant to protect. This inflammation affects the function of these nerves and can result in pain and symptoms throughout the body not just at the spine.

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