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Referrals are our greatest compliment and the family member or friend that referred you, believes that our services may help you overcome your individual health challenges and support you to achieve your health goals.

This link is a voucher and enables you to receive $50 off your Initial Chiropractic Consultation and Examination.

Our role as chiropractors is to help you build a strong, flexible and pain free spine.

Your initial consultation will allow us to determine if the pain or symptoms you are experiencing, is due to a root cause stemming from a problem in your spine. Spinal issues present through a number of varied symptoms. If we do find you have any dysfunction in your spine, there is a good probability that the health challenges you are experiencing can be corrected through Chiropractic care.

Included in your initial Consultation.
- Detailed clinical history
- Postural imaging
- Thermal imaging
- Functional assessment involving detailed assessment of problematic regions
- Referral for spinal x-rays if required.

These tests provide us with detailed information that will let us determine how we can best help you.

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Some Of The Things We Treat
- Headaches
- Acute or chronic neck and back pain
- Shoulder, elbow, wrist problems
- Hip, knee, ankle problems
- Pediatric concerns
- Pregnancy related concerns
- Scoliosis
- Sporting injuries

Health Shack Services
- Chiropractic
- Remedial soft tissue therapy
- Nutritionist led nutritional workshops
- Functional & corrective exercises
- Pilates
- Psychotherapist led relationship workshops


167 Parkin Street,
Rockingham, Western Australia, 6168